About us

muddy-24-800-600-80-rd-255-255-255Muddy Dog Outdoors was formed to give the hardcore waterfowler a place they can find everything they need to be successful in the field.


Since the summer of 2008, the development of Muddy Dog Outdoors has been a tremendous undertaking. During this time, Muddy Dog has undergone many transformations.


The first goal was to create a portal where hunters could come and find all the gear and information needed to be a better hunter. The goal of our site is to bring you up to date information about gear, hunting and all things waterfowl.


Our second goal was to create a retail site that would provide proven and rugged gear from the industry’s top brands, at a competitive price. We made the decision to not throw a lot of products on our site to fill up our catalog, but to only carry and sell products that we produce, or that we use in the field. No sales pitches or slogans here. If we use it, we sell it and if we don’t use it, we don’t sell it.

Muddy Dog hopes to bridge the gap between the old generation of waterfowl companies and hunters, and the companies and hunters of this and future generations